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    Galaxy S3 Goospery Focus Bumper Case

    $26.60 $18.99

    • The GOOSPERY Focus Bumper Case has been specifically designed and crafted to offer amazing protection despite being and beautiful in appearance. The TPU case features improved shock absorption on the top, bottom and corners to effectively protect your device against external impact
    • The clever part is that this case is made up of both a TPU uni body and a hard polycarbonate shell that gives a hybrid combination that excels at offering protection and helps keep the size at a minimum
    • The colors are finished at an incredibly high standard with a UV coating that prevents the color from fading giving a product that will look and stay great for a long time
    • The case optimizes functionality to all of the devices ports and features
    • The rectangular indent on the inside the case to store a credit card
    • Package contains 1 x GOOSPERY Focus Bumper Case

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    [info ] The images shown here are different from my phone model. Does this case fit the Galaxy S3?

    Yes, absolutely and perfectly!

    The images of the smartphones may differ, however the tittle is exact. We could not take a picture for each device. We thank you for your understanding.[/info]

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