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    Souffle Vivid Flower Lovely Wallet Case for iPhone 5/5S

    $49.99 $34.99

    Vivid Colors & Flowers Pattern
    The Souffle Vivid Flower Lovely Wallet Case is the ideal way to keep your beloved iPhone 5/5S safe and stylish. This brand-new wallet cover will also protect your device from unwanted scratches and dirt. Featuring a Two tone flowers pattern and ornamented with a large and fancy button decoration, this is the must have item for your phone!

    Soft Lining
    The Case simply folds around when in use, with sophisticated synthetic soft leather inner lining and held more securely when on the go with a decorative wrist or hand strap.

    Excellent Protection
    Offers Excellent protection on the back, sides and front of the phone. The design is very strong and stylishly protective adding padding allowing the case to be more resistant and shock absorbable if dropped.

    Wallet function
    Leave your wallet at home while you are on the go, thanks to 3 card slots and one internal pocket perfect for storing your credit cards, ID cards, and money without adding extra bulk.

    Full Accessibility To All Features
    Precise cut-outs and manufacturing to give you full access to all of your smartphone’s features. All the smartphone functions (camera, earphone, hold button, etc…) are available. All connectors ports are designed based on the original phone. Non-standardized phones may be unfitted.


    • You can make a call and talk with the case closed since there is a speaker hole on the top.
    • The lining is soft to the touch, and you can leave your wallet at home thanks to the 3 internal credit card slots and paper currency slot.
    • Made in durable Korean leather, even if you store 2 cards on 1 slot, it will not tear.
    • Your phone case is getting fatter because you put in a lot of things, such as credit cards, business cards, etc…?
    • You don’t need to worry if you will be able to open or close the case since it is very well fastened and has a reinforcing magnet door which gives the case a better grip.
    • You can put your phone in the wallet case easily on a soft jelly type reinforcement case, protecting your phone from scratches.
    • Full access to the camera, earphone jack, speaker and controls
    • Charge the battery without taking off the case.
    • For the Galaxy Note series, a pen space is included on the back side to ensure that you can easily take off the pen.
    • Magnetic clasp to keep the front cover secure.
    • Proudly Made in Korea

    * The Phone strap and the bag strap shown in the pictures are not included.

    Things to be careful when using a Smartphone case.

    * Images are for reference purposes. Colors may look different depending on your environment or monitor. Leather materials, pattern, logo and etc…may be changed without notice to improve the quality of the products.

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    The images shown here are different from my phone model. Does this case fit the iPhone 5/5S?

    Yes, absolutely and perfectly!

    The images of the smartphones may differ, however the tittle is exact. We could not take a picture for each device. We thank you for your understanding.

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