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    Reward Points Korea Hallyu

    Korea Hallyu Reward Points

    What are Reward Points?

    Reward Points is the Rewards system at Korea Hallyu. It’s a way for us to give back to our customers for being awesome. We’re not exactly the only place in the world that sells smartphone cases and we recognize that, but we do we feel all warm inside like all of the sunshine in the universe went off at once when customers come buy from us. So, we wanted to be able to give them something back.

    Reward Points allows our community to earn 5% in store credit from every purchase they make and it is stored on their account. It can be used on any future purchase. There is no hassle. No restrictions. Just pure awesome.

    …you mean I get stuff for buying stuff?

    That’s exactly what I mean!

    Not only do you get stuff for buying stuff! If you signup for an account or if you are the first to write a product review, you’ll also receive free reward points!

    Sounds suspicious. Where’s the catch?

    There’s no catch. We just want to be able to give you awesome cases at awesome prices. Part of that is spreading the word about just how awesome we are.

    Okay, okay. What can these points do for me?

    You can use them for discounts on future purchases! Every purchase earns you 5% and it is stored on your account. There are no tricks. We don’t try to hide them from you. In fact, we ask you at check out if you’d like to use them. No coupon codes necessary to take advantage of the awesomeness that is Korea Hallyu Reward Points.

    If you want to see how many points you have, you may do so through your “My Account” page or by clicking here.

    Buy… well, anything!

    If you buy anything at Korea Hallyu it is automatically added to your account. You receive 1 point for every single dollar you spend. 1 point/per dollar. And 100 points = $5.00 Discount!

    To redeem, simply click on the “apply discount” button on the checkout page.  🙂

    Follow us online!

    If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, and Pinterest you will see that we are running contests all the time! These contests will always be slightly different, but the end goal is the same. Free stuff!