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    (Model: Nobility Handmade Classic Wallet Case)

    Leonie k,Republic of Ireland, 11/21/16

    Ballerina phone case
    Love it
    (Model: The Ballerina Ballet Handmade Wallet Case for iPhone 6 Plus)

    Soo S, USA, 10/14/16

    Very nice!!!
    A cover really girly to protect my phone!! Thanks Koreahalluy!!
    (Model: Beads of the Flower Handmade Wallet Case)

    Lysiane M, Reunion, 10/06/16

    good product
    easy, reasonably priced and decent delivery time.
    (Model: SkinPlayer iSlide Sliding Card Case for iPhone 5S)

    Wai T, Australia, 09/30/16

    I love my new wallet. It's beautiful. Just wish it had a clear pocket for drivers license!!
    (Model: Viviane Scarlet Paisley Handmade Wallet Case)

    SYDONA A, USA, 09/20/16

    I just love my wallet purse very pretty
    (Model: Lovely Flower Daisya Handmade Wallet Case)

    Roxanne Y,USA, 08/08/16

    I like it very much! It's so pretty ang it matches my flip cover case
    (Model: Twist Pearl Gold Cubic Fancy Strap)

    Joanne C, USA, 07/28/16

    It came sooner than I expected and it was just what I ordered. The case is awesome and I have been using it ever since I got it. It even came with a little keychain thing which was cute
    (Model: Mercury Canvas Diary Wallet Folio Case)

    Kendall S, USA, 07/09/16

    Fantastic quality
    (Model: Camouflage Army Pattern 3D Emblem Hard Cover for iPhone 6 Plus)

    Tracey F, Republic of Ireland, 07/02/16

    High Quality! Cute and Affordable!
    I always buy one of these cell phone cases/styles for my new Notes. I got this for my Note5, and it didn't disappoint me! It's wonderful quality, cute and perfect. Highly recommend!
    (Model: Puppy Rabbit Handmade Wallet Case)

    Katya S, USA, 07/01/16

    It is really nice, I am very happy with it and love that it has the 2 holes so that it can have the shoulder strap. I wish that was an option with more of them.
    (Model: Old Nosegay Handmade Wallet Case)

    Elizabeth B, United States (US),06/20/16

    Red/black leopard wallet case
    easy online purchase, great colour and reasonably strong material for case, reasonably fast shipping. There was a small hole in material where a join should be so not cosmetically perfect.
    (Model: Lumiel Leopard Premium Diary Wallet Case for iPhone 5S / 6 / 6 Plus )

    Sarah P, Australia, 06/15/16

    Am satisfied with the product
    (Model: Luxury Envelope Phone Case Strap- Gold & Silver)

    Marilou B, United States (US), 06/12/16

    Fast shipping and great product
    The items I ordered arrived quickly. Much faster than the estimated product. I'm also very happy with how close the product is to the stock photo.
    (Model: Nosegay - Miss Naive - Handmade Wallet Case)

    Stephanie O, United States (US), 06/10/16

    Beautiful Elegant Classy
    I was pleasantly surprised at how well made this is, I took a chance and it paid off. What I love second most besides the bling, is that the case does not add additional bulk. At first I thought is was so thin, but when I attached to to my phone it was perfect. I look forward to collecting a couple more. The bling is very nice!
    (Model: Dreamplus Persian Neo Bling Cubic Case for Galaxy Note 3 )

    Kellee B, United States (US), 05/24/16

    2nd Purchase 05/11/16
    .....and just as GREAT as the first!!!! A repeat customer here ... For sure
    (Model: Garden Age Sky)

    Edith A, United States (US), 05/11/16

    sewing part is shedding already...other then that...its unique
    (Model: Sewing Story Handmade Wallet Case for iPhone 6)

    Judy, United States (US), 05/02/16

    Stylish case
    This wallet case is well made and stylish, I'm really happy with it. However the picture on the site shows it with a leather strap but it doesn't come with it. If I had known I would have bought one from koreahallyu, but the shipping is too much for strap because it is international shipping. I have ordered from this site before and they have a great selection of stylish cases, I would certainly order again.
    (Model: Double Gelato Handmade Wallet Case )

    Daniel P, United States (US), 04/17/16

    Very happy with the product purchased. This is a birthday present for my daughter, I am sure she will be delighted.
    Thank you.
    (Model:Anaconda Cubic Wallet Phone Case )

    Jan B, Australia, 04/03/16

    I am very happy
    The phone case was perfect. Very beautiful. Happy with the service and prodct
    (Model: Antique Flower Premium Fashion Flip Case for Galaxy Note 3 Neo )

    Meradene S,Australia, 03/19/16

    So cute
    I just received this case and I love it. The pictures don't do it justice and show the details of the floral design. I especially love the 2 large flowers on the front, especially the one on the flap. I also got a cute floral charm and strap to go with it and it looks great! I've gotten so many compliments on it. This is the second case I have purchased from here and I love if.
    (Model: Amy Rosette - Handmade Wallet Case)

    Theresa F, United States (US), 03/16/16

    I love this case! It protects my phone when I drop it plus it's super cute! I love that I can just carry it with my driver's license, credit card, and a little cash all in the case and yet it still fits in my back pocket. I loved it so much that I bought my mom one
    (Model: Viviane Scarlet Paisley Handmade Wallet Case )

    Elizabeth I, United States, 03/16/16

    I just received this case and I love it. The pictures don't do it justice and show the details of the floral design. I especially love the 2 large flowers on the front, especially the one on the flap. I also got a cute floral charm and strap to go with it and it looks great! I've gotten so many compliments on it. This is the second case I have purchased from here and I love if. ``
    Model: Amy Rosette - Handmade Wallet Case

    Theresa F, United States, 03/16/16

    The phone case was perfect. Very beautiful. Happy with the service and prodct
    Model: Antique Flower Premium Fashion Flip Case for Galaxy Note 3 Neo

    Meradene S, Australia, 03/19/16

    Fine Case
    An excellent case. I have used them for years and they are great.
    Model: Ladouce Tienne Sleek Diary Case for iPhone 6

    John M, United States, 03/11/16

    Love it and was just perfect. Had a black one from you before for the same phone but was aging. Will want same style again when I upgrade for a new phone.
    Model: Galaxy S3 Mercury Fancy Flip Style Korean Cover

    Daniel R, United States, 03/10/16

    samsung galaxy S4
    Great cover. Very happy. Sadly it was my second choice as my first was out of stock. But brand is lovely.
    Model: Viviane Scarlet Paisley Handmade Wallet Case

    Kathryn C, Australia, 03/08/16

    Really lovely case.
    Model: Marry Me Handmade Wallet Case

    Yin S, United States, 03/03/16

    Well received with the casing. It's beautiful and I love it.
    Model: Nosegay - Miss Naive - Handmade Wallet Case

    Lucretia L, Singapore, 02/28/16

    Wallet case
    Bought it for my wife, she loved it, very well made.
    Model: Viviane Scarlet Paisley Handmade Wallet Case for iPhone 5S / iPhone 6 & 6 Plus /

    Gustavo A, United States, 02/24/16

    I love my glitter wallet phone cover
    Model: Dreamplus XO Jacket Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 6 Plus

    Debra B, United States, 02/20/16

    Blue Mirror Graphic Case. Beautiful case. Excellent quality
    Model: Blue Mirror Graphic Case

    Tracey F, Republic of Ireland, 02/18/16

    Perfect cases !!
    Great quality and they look absolutely stunning !!
    Model: Marvel Avengers Kawaii Clear Hard Phone Case

    Abraham K, Australia, 02/11/16

    I certainly love the ability of the item to convert into a crossbody case. I am hoping to seemore unique same cases.
    Model: Rough Vintage Minishell Handmade Wallet Case for iPhone 6 Plus

    Marilou B, United States, 02/09/16

    Love it
    I could hardly wait to receive it. I absolutely love it. Everybody wants to know where I got it, so I've been giving them your email address. I placed another order last week and can't wait to get it. You can't find anything like it in the US.
    Thank you so much!!!
    Model: Nostalgia Quilt Pattern Elegant Wallet Case

    Kathy R, United States, 02/08/16

    Comfortable and Elegant case
    I bought the blue La Couture flip case for my iphone 6, it took about two weeks to arrive. The case has very good quality and it is very comfortable to handle. It also fits the phone very well. All the edges are protected. I am very satisfied!
    Model: La Boutique Hard Cover for Galaxy Note 3

    Yu W, United States, 02/08/16

    Great !
    It fits perfectly with the phone, I love it !!
    Model: Disney Cutie Silicon Bumper Case

    VIDAL A, France, 02/07/16

    Great product
    I love my phone case! It's such a nice product. I will be buying my mom one just like it. It takes a little while to come in, but it was worth the wait.
    Model: Nobility Handmade Classic Wallet Case

    Elizabeth I, United States, 02/04/16

    I love it
    It's easy to handle, comfortable and fashion
    Model: iPhone 6 Plus Arium Clutch Bumper Anti-Shock Case

    Jennifer Q,United States, 02/01/16

    I had a similar case for my old Samsung Galaxy note 2 and when I learn there was the same model for LG 3G I got it right away. As a clumsy person this is a perfect case for me.

    Mee C, Canada, January 2016

    Great case. Easy to shop with. Great place

    Cindy B, United States, January 2016

    I was a bit disappointed at first because I thought the case was going to be real lace instead of just being printed on since it looked like real lace online, but this case is still cute. It is cute with the bow and wrist strap that you can attach(must buy it separately). I can tell that it is not made of cheap materials because it keeps your phone well protected and does not feel like it will rip. If you want a case that will stand out, then I recommend that you purchase one from here because you get quality compared to other sites that I have purchased from. So, I shall return for future purchases and for more phone charms/ wrist straps.

    Cecilia M, United States, January 2016

    Love my case

    Irma A, United States, January 2016

    It’s hard to find something truly unique anymore. I love this hand painted cork phone case!!

    Holly T, United States, January 2016

    Excellent product

    Lakshmi N, India, December 2015

    Really like my Iphone wallet. It's sturdy & holds lots of my cards. Really enjoy it & have gotten compliments on it!!!

    Kathleen J, United States, December 2015

    The clear case shows off the rosegold color of my iphone. The flower that hangs off on the case matches the iphone color exactly and makes it look outstanding.

    Theresa A, United States, December 2015

    it feels premium and exceptionally well made for my G4

    Justin T, Australia , December 2015

    Aloha from Maui, Hawaii. I just received my package today from Korea with my two new I phone 6s Plus cases. I ordered my cases on November 1, 2015 and just received today November 30, 2015. The nobility Handmade Classic Walket case is beautifully made & I chose the pink and turquiose colored wallet. I made sure to order the pink flower Charm to go with this case! Perfect Accessory to hang on. The other case that I ordered was the clear case dream plus flower in the color pink. Omg❤️ Perfect color to go with my rosegold I phone 6s plus. Highly recommend.

    Theresa A, United States, December 2015

    received my items much earlier which was a pleasant surprise. Very happy with the service and quality of products. Love it so much.

    Justin T, Australia , November 2015

    I received the Phone case well. It is beautilful like in the picture. Great product!

    Nattapong T, Thailand , November 2015

    Love my new phone case. It's super adorable and I never forget anything now. I was sad it didn't come with the extra decorations like in the picture butttt I went and bought the extras the same day my case arrived because I was just so in love!

    Jessica M, United States, November 2015

    Love my case

    Wendy T, United States, November 2015

    I love this hello kitty case. The quality is great for people wondering if its a little pricey. As someone who has purchased cheaper cute cases they don't last that long and the material isn't half as nice. And it fully covers the phone from what I've seen also. (I already dropped the phone twice)

    Lakeesha F, United States, November 2015

    Good quality and received it timely. Thank you. Will be ordering another one soon.

    Midalia L, United States, October 2015

    I love this case! It is just like I imagined :3

    Emma N, Sweden, October 2015

    I love it. It's beautiful and is exactly looks like what the images show. It's great and totally loving it

    Anna G, United States, October 2015

    Great case

    Cheryl L, United States, October 2015

    Item is well made with a beautiful design. Very convenient to have on the go when you don't want to carry a purse.

    Dana P, United States, October 2015

    I really like this phone case it is the best that I have had. I've gotten many complements from men and women on how pretty it is. The quality seems to be great. I will definitely purchase another cell phone case from this company again. I usually use otter box but I hate how un cute and bulky it is.

    Andrea M, United States, October 2015

    I love my new cover 🙂

    Patrick W, United States, September 2015

    Durable and nice design!

    Wee H, Singapore, September 2015

    So cute thank you!

    Michelle P, United States, September 2015

    Gorgeous! I love this. Came VERY quickly, considering it shipped from Korea. (I live in England.) It's honestly, honestly, honestly so beautiful. Everyone is like ``Where did you get this thing from? I want one!`` And will I tell them? No. Why? Christmas gifts from me~! But yes, the quality is stunning, the design is above all unique, so eye-catching and pretty. It's well-made and seems durable. Thank you!

    Danielle B, United Kingdom, September 2015

    Amazing! This phone case/wallet is beautiful! I am so happy with it. The construction, design, quality are all fabulous. My sister waited to see mine because she was leery because it was coming from Korea but she has seen it and buying one for her! I couldn't be happier with my purchase! I love the little saying stamped inside, the saying on the binding, the inside is a brushed suede. Very chic looking! You will thank me when you get yours!!! So.... you're welcome!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.... buying another one, or two... lol

    Shipping was quick too!!! Very pleased with everything! This site is a favorite now!!!

    Kim D, United States, September 2015

    Very cute! I was very happy with my purchase! I get compliments every time I use my phone! Thank you.

    Chie C, United States, September 2015

    Love it!!! the case is sturdy and looks like in pic. I love the case a lot.

    Srisudha B, United States, September 2015

    I love it! I received my phone case pretty fast. I think it was just like 15 days and I'm really happy with it! It has pretty good quality and the phone seems safe in it!

    Angelika K, Germany, September 2015

    Perfect Case from a Perfect Shop with a Perfect Customer Service. I just got the case that I ordered today. I was so excited to use it as I have been waiting for almost a month since I only used the registered airmail service which obviously is not as fast as the EMS one. Anyway, while I was waiting for the case to arrive and this was my very first online transaction, I was very anxious that I email the customer service every single day just to get an update on my order. What I like about them is that they were very patient in answering all of my questions(Hi Benjamin and Jessica! The story was, I ordered for a different case than what I got now but unfortunately it was out of stock so I emailed them if they could replace it with another one and right then and there they changed my order to another product which is amazing. I didn't have to go through the process of ordering via the cart again and they refunded my excess payment. Aside from the customer service, what I liked most is the case. It is exactly the same as what I saw in the pictures. The only problem I have now is that I hope they update their website so that it can show whether the cases are on stock or out of stock. Other than that, I got an excellent service from they and I'd buy anpther case if I decide to change the one I have now. I'd also recommend them to my peers as they have such beautiful cases you can't find elsewhere.

    Ian R, Philippines, September 2015

    Perfect and very nice.

    Mirentxu M, Spain September 2015

    Beautifully made, excellent quality and so cute...I love it!

    Keeva M, United States, September 2015

    Items are of great quality! I love how the smart phone cases are designed with card and cash holders inside. Will definitely buy next time!

    Anchelle L, Philippines, September 2015

    I do love case phone, the design is nice and good look.

    Linda L, United States, September 2015

    This case is all I wanted and more. It's a beautiful color and very well made. I love the card slots and the money slot. I will definitely order from here again.

    Gennie L, United States, September 2015

    Love it. I am extremely happy with my purchase.

    Charmaine M, United States, September 2015

    Hi! I just got the item today. I still have to pick it up at the post office because they have to check what's inside and they also asked me to pay for the tax.
    Anyway, I love the iFace revolution phone case. Good thing i didn't hesitate to buy it. Thanks a lot! It's worth the money. Great product. God bless you!

    Phoebe S, Philippines, September 2015

    Looked everywhere till I found this- love it!

    Jennifer J, United States, September 2015

    I really wanted a wallet as well as a phone case and this is perfect and sturdy. It's beautiful!

    Lisa H, United States, September 2015

    Very pleased with my phone case♡♡♡♡ love it!#

    Alyssa L, United States, September 2015

    Love it!! Soo cute! Better then the picture! Thought it came from Korea it arrived quick! Would order from them again!

    Sharra C, United States, September 2015

    Delivered in a timely fashion and is in good condition. Product great.

    Leesa S, United States, September 2015

    On time shipping and in perfect condition, recommended!

    Georgina J, Australia, September 2015

    I purchased the silver crystal iphone6 case and it's very pretty. But it is also very thin especially on the edges. So far all the crystals are still on the case (1 month use) but there are no extra crystals to use as fill in's if they start falling out. Communication from vendor was great, shipping was quick using Korean Post.

    Patricia M, United States, September 2015

    It looks good and nice quality.

    Cathy S, United States, September 2015

    Fantastic Quality case. BEAUTIFUL Design. Definitely worth it.

    Tracey F, Ireland, August 2015

    Beautiful!!! i think this is the most beautiful phone case I have ever bought!! Thank you - I love everything about it

    Lana S, Canada, August 2015

    It was hard for me to get nice case for my Galaxy Note Edge, and I'm glad to have found amazing cases at Koreahallyu. I also got prompt replies from the team when I had questions about the cases I ordered, impressive!

    Gigi L, Hong Kong, July 2015

    I love my new phone case. I’ve received many compliments on it. Quality and craftsmanship is excellent! I’ve purchased two cases and I’m trying to decide on a third. Very speedy delivery….great service. Highly recommend.

    Marilyn C, United States, July 2015

    Fast delivery I really like the phone case well made thanks

    Tina K, United States, July 2015

    Better than expected! Item was send immediately and in good packaging. Fits on the phone corrected and nicely.

    Ned B, Philippines, July 2015

    Love My Cases! Love my purchases. Have received many compliments on it!

    Marilyn C, United States, July 2015

    Beautiful phone case. Fantastic quality. Perfect fit

    Tracey F, Ireland, July 2015

    The case so far is great and fits very well!

    Rebecca R, United States, July 2015

    love the color and the ease of putting the case on my phone.

    Sandra L, United States, July 2015

    Love the case! Sturdy and Beautiful. Shipped from Korea to Canada well before deadline.

    Marina P, Canada, July 2015

    This is a super cute and durable case! Love it!

    Yuna H, United States, July 2015

    Loved my phone case. I'm getting compliments from my friends and family about it. I like that I can store my credit cards in it as well.

    Juliette N, United States, June 2015

    Best case ever! Very descent quality of product. I will be back.

    Luke K, United States, June 2015

    Beautiful cell phone strap. Well made cute beautiful phone strap. Made my phone case looks so nice with this strap. Thanks !

    Kun-Nan H, United States, June 2015

    I am extremely happy with my purchase.
    The case is pretty much how it looks in the modeled pictures. The stitching and quality of the material is excellent. I will definitely buy from koreahallyu again. Thank You.

    Jennifer M, United States, June 2015

    I ordered this case on May 5, 2015 and it arrived by May 28, 2015, which wasn't too bad. I was kind of apprehensive about ordering from a out of the country vendor. An email was sent to me prior to being shipped and it was a picture of the package that was being mailed to me and I was pretty excited about that! Once it arrived, I was very pleased that the product was a duplicate of what I saw on the website! The ONLY thing I can say that isn't positive was the material of the phone case. Of course I wasn't expecting genuine leather, but I was hoping that it would at least be a decent vinyl. The material seems a little thin so I'm kind of curious how it's going to hold up over time with frequent use. But I do love that I can carry at least two cards in each slot...it was kind of deceiving because there are three slots total but the slot at the very top isn't functional. Any more than 4-5 cards total counting both slots, will make it difficult to keep the little flap closed, since it has a magnetic closure. The flap also has a place to store an additional card or a folded bill or two...maybe. I feel as though my phone is well protected with case and I can have my hands free since I can now wear my phone on a lanyard around my neck!! The volume and power keys are receptive and line up nicely. The stylus on my Galaxy Note 4 is a little difficult to remove sometimes without opening up the flap though. All in all I'm happy with my purchase and get compliments and stares! I would definitely make another purchase from this company. I usually order from Amazon but they don't have as many unique and beautiful merchandise as Korea Hallyu! I showed my mom and you will have another new customer soon!

    Connie L, United States, June 2015

    These are definitely the best phone cases I've ever purchased. They're study, functional, and so cute! I have 2 now and will absolutely be buying more in the future!

    Chyree B, United States, June 2015

    LOVE IT! Super cute, nothing else like it here. Just what I wanted 🙂

    Tambra K, United States, June 2015

    The product that I received had a nagging flaw . I wrote to the company and I have attached pictures and video . They have been given a coupon amount spent . I would rather have a refund but were still fast and friendly.

    Vicenzo M, Italy, June 2015

    Lovely case! Seems high quality and durable, but only gripe...it doesn't have a window so you can see if you've got a message or missed a call. A lot of the wallets have that window on front. Otherwise, gorgeous case!

    Victoria H, United States, June 2015

    I love my case Well made and really cute.

    Ashley P, United States, May 2015

    Great service. Love the case and service was awesome!

    Vicky J, United States, May 2015

    Super cute! I used this case for a very long time. It's really cute and lasted me forever. I also got a lot of compliments. One of my favorite things about it was that there was a spot to hang a phone charm.

    Christy B, United States, May 2015

    I love it! It's my second case. I purchased the same one when I was in Seoul two years ago. I love the mirror. Thank you for making this purchase easy. Very efficient service.

    Victoria M, United States, May 2015

    Awesome!! Love the new case I got!

    Winnie H, United States, May 2015

    This is exactly what I expected when I ordered it. I am very happy with my purchase. It fits exact and looks exactly like I was hoping. I have a LG G Flex 2 and it fits like a glove...perfect.

    Todd V, United States, May 2015

    Love It!!! This case is soooo cute! But not only is it cute it protects my phone. It doesn’t get dirty easily and is well made. Definitely would buy it again!

    Deanna C, United States, April 2015

    This case is great. It was exactly what I was wanting and it fits exact. It snapped right on with no fuss. I would buy again if I needed another.

    Todd V, United States, April 2015

    Awesome! Great finding you guys online. Made choices more accessible !

    Francis C, Malaysia, April 2015

    Very happy with the condition and purchase of the case!

    Michaela K, Canada, April 2015

    This case is gorgeous and very well made! I have gotten so many compliments on it! So glad I found this wonderful site!

    Jessica H, United States, April 2015

    Fantastic item, would recommend to all. If you need extra space for your cards, then this is the case for you.

    Sally W, New Zealand, April 2015

    Worth the buy, good quality and prompt delivery.

    Dorothy L, Singapore, April 2015

    Good quality ! Your case is so cute and good quality. Great.

    Nattapong T, Thailand, April 2015

    Cute! I love it! It was well worth the wait. Thank you very much!

    Mandy T, United States, April 2015

    Cute case, tight fit! I received the card case in mint color and it is very cute - round and fairly light and considering it has a sliding part for cards. my only concern/complaint is that it is a little hard to get the phone in because the material of the case is not that flexible. But once the phone is in, it feels like its is protected.

    Suna Y, United States, April 2015

    Awesome! Love it, love it, love it! My case is great; all the holes line up perfectly. Clutch looks classic and stylish!

    Tracy S, United States, April 2015

    I loved my first croc wallet case that I ordered another to have on standby. When I go shopping I no longer take my purse. I carry everything I need in my wallet case: my phone, credit card, drivers license and money.

    Margie C, United States, March 2015

    Almost perfect! Great communication,decent ship considering it came from another country! Only disappointment, I thought the item was faux fur covered like it looked in picture, but it is just faux leather. Still nice, just not what I thought. My fault, not theirs. Great product, has heldup nicely.

    Samantha D, United States, March 2015

    The case is amazing. It fits and everything looks perfect! All the seams are perfect and it feels like a high quality product. Definitely recommend the case.

    Cathy L, United States, March 2015

    Absolutely Fantastic Verus Thor! I Can Only Tell You Is `` Verus Thor Series Cases Is An Absolutely Durable, High Quality And Fashionable Cases In The World!`` Korea Products Always Has A High Quality Standard! Korean Should Be Very Proud Of Their Product! Cheers! Korea!

    Nicole L, Malaysia, March 2015

    My wife LOVES her phone case! Excellent quality, beautiful craftsmanship.

    Stefan K, United States, March 2015

    Wonderful S4 case. Love the case, really good quality and the colors are true to the picture.

    Theresa T, United States, March 2015

    It is difficult to find a case in Australia for this model of phone. This case gives really good protection will allows good access to all buttons.

    Che F, Australia, March 2015

    Great gift! I got this for my wife and she absolutely cherishes it! The case is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Highly recommended!

    Dustin B, United States, March 2015

    Excellent service. Beautiful cases. Well made. Well worth purchasing.

    Tracey F, Ireland, March 2015

    Fast delivery. Items were exactly what I ordered.

    Logan A, United States, March 2015

    perfect. Fast shipping. Only site with these cases available for shoppers in the US like me. Shows me that they update their stock much faster than any of their competitors.

    Leigh K, United States, March 2015

    It was a little bit different than I had originally expected but I really do love this case. It's very pretty.

    Monic L, United States, February 2015

    Greatest phone case! Very happy with my new purchase. This new case looks like it will actually be very durable in addition to gorgeous.

    Michelle G, United States, February 2015

    Luxury! This glamorous sparkly iphone 6 case is the best one I've ever had or seen. Perfect fit and slim to hold. I love it!

    Enone B, Australia, February 2015

    Awesome Case! This is a Beautiful, Good Quality and Useful Case! Glad that I purchased it!

    Nicole P, Malaysia, February 2015

    Unqiuely My Style! I Discover KOREAHALLYU while I was Online searching for my phone casing as its a pretty hard to find model for phone casing. I was WoW by the range of selection for my phone casing available and made the purchase. The whole process was hasslefree and it provide me information like when the package is packed and when is it send out.

    Lee S, Singapore, February 2015

    Great wallet case! Loved this case had plenty room for my credit cards! And is made well. Doesn't look or feel cheaply made,happy I got this one. Very pleased. Would definitely recommend.

    Vanessa R, United States, February 2015

    Absolutely love it! I've had my case for a couple of weeks now and haven't thought about changing it yet. The quality of the case feels great, very soft and fits my S5 perfectly. It's exactly the kind of pink, cute case i have been looking for!

    Keyla S, United States, February 2015

    Great case! Exactly as described. Well made. Protective all around the phone. Very pleased.

    Vivian E, United States, February 2015

    Love, love, love!!!! Very well made. Holds cards and money perfectly! Phone is secure. Looks great! The only change I would make is a snap enclosure. The magnet works fine. I simply prefer the snap.

    Christi H, United States, February 2015

    Love it!! Beautiful and high quality case!! I really love it! It took a long month for the case to arrive but it's well worth the wait!

    Tuyen V, United States, February 2015

    Love love love! I love this phone case it's so cute and adorable and I get complements on it all the time!!

    Justiz R, United States, February 2015

    Love! I love the hello geeks brand! It's adorable and the grumpy little expressions are the cutest!

    Harriet M, United Kingdom, February 2015

    Even though it is just a phone case, customs held it for a week. Then it took about three days to be delivered. In total, it took about 20 days for the package to arrive from Korea to Washington. But this is definitely worth the wait. The phone case looks amazing. It is very sturdy and I feel like my phone is very protected. One thing I am worried about is the dangling Eiffel tower. I feel like it will fall and get lost someday but for now it looks like it will hold and it is too cute. I give this case 5 stars!!

    Melissa C, United States, February 2015

    This case is durable and well made. The only issues I have, which is very minor is that the shell casing/housing cannot stand in a landscape way. But the case is good.

    Bernardette N, United States, February 2015

    Very Happy Customer. I loved the Mickey & Minnie phone case I found online and loved it even more once I received it! Customer service was great! Thank You!

    Rebecca H, United States, February 2015

    I love this case. I had to change my phone from s4 to s5 and I couldn't find any better than this slider case.

    Crystal K, United States, February 2015

    I really like my new iPhone 6 case it fits like a glove and it's not bulky. Awesome!

    Alma G, United States, February 2015

    Have received great service. My 3 orders were delivered promptly and the 6covers iv purchased are fantastic.

    Donna F, Australia, February 2015

    It's absolutely wonder. I received so many compliments about it. However, I can't really carry too much on the wallet side or it doesn't close up nicely, but that's not too much of a problem. I just wish the site was still selling the shoulder strap that matched the case.

    Chanda W, United States, January 2015

    This is my first phone case for the fact that here in America the cases are plain and boring with no creativity serving one purpose which is to ``protect your phone`` and that's kind of lazy if you ask me. I live in NYC so there are probably plenty of street vendors out there who sell cute phone cases but I never took the time to check them out.As a stylish person and a stubborn spender I need to know that when I spend my hard earned money it's well worth the purchase. When I saw the hello kitty case I fell in love... it has style, a cute mirror for me to check my hair and makeup when necessary, and the chain turns into a cute hand bag so that I can slide my money and stuff underneath the phone. You Asians are creative and I admire creativity! I got my money's worth so that's all it take to make me happy lol

    Kimesha A, United States, January 2015

    Gorgeous! This phone cover is just gorgeous! Beautifully made and mega sparkly! I love it.

    Enone B, Australia, January 2015

    It's as pretty as it looks in the pictures, fits my phone perfectly, and looks cute with whatever clothes I wear. I love it!!!

    Meilys R, United States, January 2015

    Superb Quality With A+ Design! i am happy with the purchase. Workmanship was excellent; materials was the best and design is adventurous.

    Lizzie B, Malaysia, January 2015

    Very pretty. highly recommend ! fast delivery and it's excellent quality!! Very happy, definitely will come back!! Thank you lovely products.

    Vivian W, Australia, January 2015

    Perfect!!! A perfect phone case! Very resistant material and really cute design!!! I waited a long shipping but it was worth!!!!

    Valeria C, France, January 2015

    Great case! I love my new case, fits perfectly, it's protected and looks great!

    Kannika J, Canada, January 2015

    Ahhhh-mazing! This phone case is the case of my dreams: Sturdy and beautiful! Thanks!

    Jannet K, United States, January 2015

    Very satisfied ! Great products and customer service.

    Rebecca J, United States, January 2015

    I finally received my cellphone cases and I am very pleased with the quality it was worth the wait. I will definitely purchase another case.

    Remel R, United States, January 2015

    Absolutely love this Wallet! Such great quality, and a beautiful stand out item unavailable locally. Thank you!!!!

    Peter B, Australia, January 2015

    Well made and as pretty as it is in the picture. Fits my Galaxy Note 4 perfect. Love it !!! Already looking at getting another case for mixing up the look. Great strap for my wallet case - Quality is even better than I expected, I am already thinking of ordering the other colors available. Makes my new wallet case from you even cuter.

    Elizabeth B, United States, January 2015

    i was very impress with the quality of the case and the details! I've received many compliments about my case and that they haven't seen anything like it before! Happy with my purchase and would purchase another one of a different design!!!

    Rena T, United States, January 2015

    The case I bought arrived today and I am so happy with it! The color is true to how it looked on the screen. The quality feels and looks super expensive. It fits my phone precisely without adding too much bulk. It is the best phone case I've ever gotten! I am now a loyal customer.

    Christina S, United States, January 2015

    Exactly what I wanted! what you see is what you get. No disappointments!

    Adriana A, Australia, December 2014

    One of the better quality wallet cases out there. Well worth the wait and great quality for the money

    Brian K, United States, December 2014

    Cute yet handy! Really cute, very well made. Looks great with the wrist jewelry!

    Kathy L, United States, December 2014

    Great iPhone case. love this case. So unique and very well made. Perfect. Thank you!

    Candace L, United States, December 2014

    Excellent Service. Seller was responsive to inquiries and product is as promised. Will visit again!

    Ryan S, Singapore, December 2014

    I love my phone case. And I really like that it didn’t take long for it to arrive.

    Alma A, United States, December 2014

    Korea Hallyu is amazing! Great service! The cases are so cute and unique. Def high quality. The customer service is outstanding and the team really cares. I love my case, its sooo cute. Thanks!

    Son-Jai M, United States, December 2014

    Good quality. Better quality than the last one I ordered. Would be nice if it had 3 or 4 credit card slots but still good.

    Francie W, United States, December 2014

    Perfect! This case is exactly what I wanted and the quality is wonderful! Would absolutely recommend to someone else!

    Amanda B, United States, December 2014

    Was so happy to receive this phone case! It is nicely made and of good quality! Very happy! My 3mounth old enjoys looking at the flowers on it and wants to hold and feel it! Also love the ability to put a chain on it and run out the door with it over my shoulder! Have only had the phone case for 1 day now and have received 4 comments and “WHERE DID YOU GET IT’s?” at the store today! I had wished i had some cards or something to hand them, with this web site’s name on it to look up or a sticker or something. The only cons where how long the shipping took and second not being able to see this review as im righting it! was very hard to open product review form. Other wise love my product! thank you! Will come back for my next phone case!

    Candice P, United States, December 2014

    Great! Searched for a good case to fit my phone.. And found this one! Fast delivery to the UK.. Many thanks!

    Kim W, United Kingdom, December 2014

    Very cute . Item was in perfect condition and looked just like the picture. Very good service too, I had requested a change a day after I made an order and got the desired case. Thank you!~

    Alison M, United States, December 2014

    Awesome jelly case.The case is really good. I absolutely love it, it protects the phone from all angles and also its pretty. I got many compliments on this case. Thank u^^

    Amael B, Czech Republic, December 2014

    Love it ! The quilted case for the iPhone 6 plus is wonderful. It protects my phone very well aside form being stylish at the same time.

    Sandy L, United States, December 2014

    I bought this for my Note 4. It fits perfectly. It is well made. Cut outs out for camera and etc are spot on. It’s a pretty case and does a great job protecting my phone. Great case, great price. Great seller that keeps you update (shipped right away).

    Tracey O, United States, December 2014

    Excellent! I was very impressed with the quality and their decent ship time!!!!

    Stephanie M, United States, December 2014

    The team contact is quick to contact regarding the status of products.

    Adisorn P, Thailand, December 2014

    Fast Shipping. I got it earlier than I expected and the package is nice! 🙂

    Nelly T, United States, December 2014

    I love it a lot. the case is thick enough to create a sense of safeness for my phone. the color and style are definitely awesome.

    Thu N, United States, December 2014

    Excellent service . Got my phone cover on time. Fits my phone perfectly and responds quickly by email.

    Pichsamnang J, United States, December 2014

    I’m satisfied with my purchase.. i’m chosed the express delivery and it’s really fast

    Nur I, Malaysia, December 2014

    Good, cute case! Pretty and functional. The materials are good quality and appear to be holding up quite well. The flip cover was stiff at first but loosened after a bit with no signs of cracking on the outside edge. Love the fit, the style, and the colors are pretty much true to the image. Great case!

    Kira W, United States, December 2014

    Beautiful case ! Fantastic cover,phone still look slim and build quality is great for this price. Case cover is also very light so you can barely notice it and two small card or money pockets are also practical.

    Bozidar M, Montenegro, December 2014

    Really love it!! Really love this case. It’s quite pretty. What you see is what you get. No surprises. Exactly what I wanted and expected.

    Susanna B, United States, December 2014

    Very smooth transaction. My purchase was exactly as advertised and when the item was on back order for only a few days I was told I could have a refund or wait. Awesome customer service:) I love my case:)

    Cerissa E, United States, November 2014

    Great case! Great quality case,phone still look slim and case is very light. Seller is fantastic,everything was professional and pretty fast. Top seller and very competitive prices!

    Bozidar M, Montenegro, November 2014

    This phone case has a really good quality. I’m really happy with it.

    Susanne M, Germany

    Beautifully crafted! This case is everything! I know is very pricey but the quality speaks for itself. Not flimsy or light, it just feels so good in hand. Quality product will buy again.

    Julia S, United States, November 2014

    Finally found a case for my lg g3 beat! The delivery was very fast and it looks exactly like in the picture! At first I was concerned whether it fits my phone right or not and how it looks loke because the pictures are for the Samsung smartphone but it really fits and looks great!

    Vu-Vy D, Germany, November 2014

    Nicely made, quality case. Beautiful! Was a bit nervous to order from so far away, but I love it!

    Victoria G, United States, November 2014

    Very Pleased with the case. It is of good quality, very nice pattern and easy and practical to use. Great service. Thank you

    Samantha K, United Kingdom, November 2014

    Absolutely beautiful case! The fabric is gorgeous and I receive many compliments on it.

    Heather P, United States, November 2014

    Beautiful case, beautiful fabric, and I got compliments on it from the 1st time I took it out of my purse.

    Kristen B, United States, November 2014

    I love this case. It’s smooth and my cards slide in and out very easily. But still tight enough I don’t lose them. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a wallet case.

    Tiffany B, United States, November 2014

    Very pleased and proud to own the casing.

    Lih Ing L, Singapore, November 2014

    Looks fabulous! Got this as a gift for a close friend’s S4 and I loved it so much that I’m going to get one for my iphone too!

    Bee Pheng O, Singapore, November 2014

    Super Cute! I really love this case , I also got the charm and I get lots of compliments.

    Audrey S, United States, November 2014

    I got my case in the mail after a couple of weeks and was so excited to finally receive it! This fits my phone perfectly and feels great. Was definitely worth waiting for 🙂 It does make my phone feel a little heavier though, which is nice imo.

    Ashley D, United States

    This case is super cute and exactly what I was looking for! Very sturdy with lots of space!

    Chyree B, United States

    I am very happy with my new cases. At the same time, I would like to say thank you very much for your service. In addition, I am very surprised that I got a free screen protector too.

    M Kwang, Brunei

    Wonderful case! It’s sturdy, quite attractive, and I love that there are two holes (one at top and one at bottom) to clip straps to. You can purchase a special strap that clips to both so you can wear your phone around your neck. I just clip a wrist strap to the bottom hole so I won’t drop the phone. I have received numerous compliments for this case!

    Ann V, United States

    i’m very satisfied with the leather wallet case which i bought. Thank you very much. I like it so much!

    Anastasia L, Indonesia

    I am very very happy with my Rilakkuma cute flip cover.

    Kartini S, Singapore

    super~!!! I ordered pink one. Love the color and design. I would have given five stars if the shipping was faster. I know it’s coming from Korea but I got this after 3 weeks. So if you want to get this item on time, order 3 weeks ahead.

    Crystal K, United States

    I had have mistaken received order on mid Sept, and Korea Hallyu action is excellent, now i already received my correct items. response is fast. thank you!

    Herri S, Indonesia

    Its really Nice and very original!

    Lianne R, Netherlands

    Very nice it will protect my note 3 from damage..love it so far!

    Elma S, USA

    It came in the estimated amount of time, it looks just like the picture and the material feels great. All in all I love it!

    Tanisha M, USA

    Love the blue bear case for Galaxy Note 2. So cute and fun!

    Grace K, Canada

    I purchased few galaxy s4 case from Koreahallyu, it arrived so fast, love them service.

    Wendy T, United States

    My purchase took a little while before I received it,but when I got it I loved my product,loved the color and how it was hand made,the price was also phenomenal. Will purchase from this site again.

    Rosemarie T, United States

    Après 15 jours d’attentes je n’ai aucunement été déçue de mon article, il est parfait, plus que ce que je ne l’imaginais, surtout au niveau de la qualité. Il sied au portable parfaitement. Je recommande ce site et je recommanderai dessus!

    Sabrina B, France

    I am so satisfied with my phone case . I never had a style like this one. The wallet case is so convenient not just for my phone but it holds my driver’ s license, debit card and a little spare cash. Excellent product.

    Bettina M, United States

    It’s a really beautiful phone case, I love it !!

    Audrey V, France

    Love this case . My case arrived much sooner than expected. It is really bright green & colorful. It fits my Galaxy S4 great & is not slippery when holding. I would definitely order again.

    Andrea M, United States

    Came in great shape and was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks again!!

    Shaz-zerrae K, United States

    Cute and protects my phone. The case is really cute, light, and protects my phone. I’ve received so many comments on it! I also like the s-view because it comes in handy at school.

    Ariana F, United States

    Beautiful phone case! I was extremely happy with my Samsung Note 3 phone case. I was impressed with how good the quality was and loved all the bling detail. Shipping was fast. I will definitely purchase another.

    Barbie P, United States

    Works well, though needed to download an app from Google Play store in order to use it as the phone doesn’t come with the right software built-in like LG for instance.

    Liran P, Israel

    Nothing bad to say about the product or service. It was all wonderful. Best phone case I’ve ever had. Most beautiful by far too 🙂

    Annie L, Canada

    happy! Love my phone case!

    Hanna M, Norway

    I am very impressed with Koreahallyu’s prompt service. This is my second order and rest assured there is more to come.
    Kudos…keep up the good service. Your products are so eye-pleasing and attractive.

    Rahimah B, Singapore

    Following a despatch notification my phone case never arrived, but as soon as I notified it was re-sent and arrived really fast (with a free gift!). Excellent follow up service. Have now ordered a case for my husband. Can fully recommend this website.

    Sophia, United States

    Merci pour votre gentillesse a répondre rapidement a mes demandes. Ma commande est bien arrivée et j’en suis très satisfait.

    Gerard, Bastia, France

    Absolutely love the Flip case for my Galaxy S3, its stylish, classy and practical with a bit of Bling!

    Sandra M, Australia

    Great service. Good product. Nice color. Fast delivery

    Angela W, Australia

    I made a good purchase. It arrived less than a week from the time of purchase and it was great for my S5 phone. It gave it a meaningful colour and protects it from heavy falls.

    Teniti T, Australia

    LG G2 Rilakkuma case is awesome…thank you so much.

    Yizhi C, Singapore

    So Classy ! I got this case in gold and I am so happy with the design of the whole case. I love the extra card slots and especially the clear ID card slot. I am so happy with this case I will be getting it in many different colors. Next color is mint! I hope you check this case out and fall in love with it as much as I did.

    Yoonah C, United States

    The case is awesome and the package came to me on time in India. There was not a single scratch on the case. Everything was taken care while sending the case to me by koreahallyu team. Also the response was always on time. Will def come back to shop more in the future.

    Bimlesh M, India

    Classy & Sassy! The cases are just what I wanted. Chique and classy. Did not expect to receive them so soon. Pure satisfaction here.

    Sonja G, Netherlands Antilles

    Great! Love the design and it fits well.

    Sarah J, United States

    Very well made ideal for phone credit cards money all in one place fits my galaxy S4 perfect very pleased with my purchase .Only it took some two weeks to arrive which seemed a long time.

    Roger L, United Kingdom

    Awesome! Just as I had imagined, this hello kitty wallet case is perfect for my note3.

    Sarah K, Canada

    Fantastic elegant case for my optimus g pro! Purchase the black color for my black optimus g pro, this case give your g pro an elegant look ! absolutely beautiful ! great price ! great case quality !

    Jimmy S, Indonesia

    Nice case, I am very pleased. Thank you!

    Silviu V, Romania

    Ya recibi mi case de hello kitty y me gusto mucho gracias.

    Lourdes J, Mexico

    Love it. Fits beautifully. Iv ordered more.

    Donna F, Australia

    Genuine product with good quality and awesome colour! Fast shipment and great customer service! Will have deals again.

    Angela W, Australia

    Easy shopping experience, product arrived within the promised time, and was really happy with it once it arrived. Will definitely shop with Korea Hallyu again! Great Shopping Experience!

    Linda B, Australia

    Appreciate the advice on changing the case to fit the Korean version of my Samsung phone. Case fits perfectly!

    Peng C, Singapore

    Its worth the wait! I have an Lg optimus g7, so finding cases n accessories for it is not easy, so going through their merchandise and seeing how many options i had, i had to buy a case! The ordering process was simple and fast, i received it about 2 weeks later, it takes tome but its international so i cant complain. All in all, i am very happy, the case is beautiful, they were nice and through in a couple complimentary phone screen protectors.

    Natalie C, United States

    I found this website from Koreahallyu’s youtube video after googling “cute Asian galaxy s4 wallet cases” because lots of kdramas show cute cases 🙂 . After research, I ordered the “Samsung Galaxy S4 Cute Rilakkuma Leather Wallet Case (restaurant theme)” exactly one year ago. In my package, Koreahallyu has sent nice goodies, like screensavers, case, etc. , Along with my order, which was super nice. This case is excellent for holding cards, my money, etc. , while still protecting my new phone from damage and cracks. I’ve always received compliments at school and told all my friends and others about this website. My case is still great and I will definitely order more cases in the future from this website 😀 KoreaHallyu is very trustworthy and kind. I am so thankful that I found Koreahallyu. (^.^)

    Willie H, United States

    Excellent case, very beautiful colour, only problem is with the power and volume buttons, you have to press harder than usual for the phone to respond.

    Anna A, Latvia

    Perfect! The case has window at the front, protection all along the edge of the phone. The cutting for all ports: mic, camera, earphone, charger, speaker and s-pen is perfect. The “button” for power and volume is well designed, can’t accidentally pressed when put in handbag, so won’t turn off by itself.

    Diana S, Australia

    It is perfect. I’ve got a lot of compliments. Some of my friends will order it. I really love it.

    Cecilia L, United States

    First Time Buyer Experience. Really love my new case for my note 3! It’s extremely durable and cute although there is color fading due to the places where it’s able to bend or I’ve tried to force it into my bag. I’m not sure if taking off a star for that is right. You can’t really complain about the shipping time since it did come from Korea (to USA)

    Tiffanie M, United States

    So unique and beautiful! I just love my cork hand painted phone case ~ I get constant compliments! It arrived quickly and the price was fabulous.

    Holly T, United States

    Absolutely perfect item and good service. Thank you very much!

    Osman Z, Turkey

    Just received this case in the mail and I’m in love with it. It’s very elegant and would go great with my going out attire. One thing that everyone should be aware of though, is that the case does not come with the strap shown in the picture above. That is a add on that you can purchase, but the strap is worth the money. If you want to travel light to the club or to go out to eat then check this beautiful case out.

    Yoonah C, United States

    I bought this for my wife and she loved it! Its fashionable and protects her phone. win win!

    Patrick S, United States

    I love my LG optimus G pro case that i buy from you, because in Indonesia i can’t find it. So, i hope next you can give more attractive design especially for LG Optimus G Pro case and also with reached price or discount hehe thanks Korea Hallyu!

    Ambar L, Indonesia

    I love my new phone case. T-pocket should be proud. It is so well made and is easy to keep clean. I would recommend it to anyone. I love that I can close it and still talk on the phone.

    Martha S, United States

    The case arrived quickly and safe. The quality is good and it fits perfectly. All in all I was satisfied with my purchase!

    Charlotte B, Germany

    I am very happy with my first purchase of Optimus G Pro Arium Design French Bumper Flower View Cover. I feel like striking the “bumper” prize in a lottery (pun intended). But was a bit disappointed as there were no openings for the volume buttons. Had to flip open the cover each time to adjust volume. Nevertheless I am very happy with the beautiful flower print. Thank you for the good service and rest assured I will be buying more from you in future.

    Rahimah B, Singapore

    Beautiful wallet case. Love the wallet. Great value and quality. Fits my phone perfectly. Fast service and delivery. Thanks.

    Amanda H, Australia

    Good quality! Good pattern with quality guarantee
    Will buy again

    Wing L, Hong Kong

    I received my Goospery Color Fancy Diary Case in the mail today and I LOVE it! I have already gotten comments from other people asking where I got it, where they can get one, and so on. This case is excellent quality and feels very sturdy in my hand despite being a wallet case. I’m also happy that it has a little metal cut-out area so that I can attach my key fob, car/house keys and anything else I want directly to the case, keeping everything in one place without needing a purse. Great job with this one you guys! 🙂

    Alesha W, United States

    Just like picture, so love it!!! and awesome!

    Yehwon S, United States

    Excellent product and awesome service as well.

    Luis T, South Africa

    Fantastic quality. Have never seen a quality phone cover like this before. Very well done.

    John Z, United States

    Surprisingly good case. I have been very pleased with this case. Only one small issue with where the leather joins the window. It was easily fixed with a drop of superglue. Otherwise, it has been very durable. I get lots of compliments on it as well.

    Michelle K, United States

    Thank you Korea Hallyu for carrying so many cases for Galaxy Note I. Some stores don’t sell them anymore and thank god I found this site. I got this case in Hot Pink and it’s very durable and nice color.
    I ordered it May 22/14 delivered by May 25 and I received it June 6. Timely delivery from Korea to Canada. Thank you again.

    Kathleen O, Canada

    t’s gorgeous! Very unique and now all of my friends want one! Packaging was fun, the wait for my new case was torture! Well worth the wait, the quality is impeccable and very durable. It’s just wonderful, I can’t get over how beautiful it is and it’s just a phone case!! I’m definitely ordering again… Like tonight!!!

    Brie S, United States

    Gorgeous wallet case for Galaxy Note 2. My daughter is the envy of her friends with this gorgeous Case for the Galaxy Note 2.
    Looks stylish and is very good quality. No complaints and we would recommend this item.

    Sharon F, United Kingdom

    slick! Added some solidity and safety to my fragile phone. The slick surface shows prints easily, but still a nice, solid, simple hybrid case.

    Joshua F, United States

    Amazing & Cute Case! This case is very sturdy and has a sleek design. This case does not block my speakers like other cases did and it doesn’t keep heat inside the case, which is very nice. I feel like my phone has improved quality in this case. It seems like other cases, I would feel like my phone was plugged in, but it actually was not. Do not hesitate! If you think this case is cute or would look great on your phone, purchase it! You won’t regret it! I purchased the lime green and black cases, they are the same color as displayed on the site. I am very happy about my purchase! ^^

    Tina S, Unites States

    Great! I really enjoy having this Phone Case. I have received a lot of complements on it and questions as to where other people can get one similar to it. I will continue to purchase from Koreahallyu as they have excellent phone cases!

    Eleanor G, United States

    It was just as pretty as the picture and goes great with the phone case I also purchased from this site. The package arrived on time and was packed nicely. Good Job , I would purchase from this site again.

    Audrey S, United States

    Excellent website and superb quality products. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

    Niamh P, Ireland

    After searching high and low for a working sview cover for my s4 active, I chanced upon korean hallyu while browsing on google. Over-the-top would be an understatement of what I felt when I saw the site and so, I chose the ones I fancy then shortlisted it 2 phone cases. I saw similar cases on the net ( most of which were sold waaaay cheaper) but decided to get it here. There was only 1 testimonial from my country so I took the plunge and decided to order. I know for a fact that korean made products are of good quality so it gave me the assurance that what I would be getting would work. I was supposed to send it to the US so my uncle could just bring it home when he comes home ( I was really scared to have it sent here as Ive heard enough horror stories of parcels getting lost when sent through our local post) but since I wasnt able to change the address, it got sent here instead. I was really grateful for those who were patiently answering my emails as I was getting a bit paranoid about it. And oh they were really accommodating answering all my queries on the colour of the phone cases. I was about to throw a tantrum when I though that the sview function isnt working on the french view case. I tried swiping the sview window numerous times to answer a call but it doenst seem to work. Fortunately, my brother was able to figure it out. Turns out that that front cover should be latched securely on the phone’s face for it to work Now, Im trying to figure out how to let it stay securely on the phone’s case. lol The case looks pretty sturdy too. The colour is pretty nice but it’s closer to “apple greento neon-ish green” than light green as described on the page It’s a bit on the glossy-ish side but the texture of the material unglossyfies it a bit.

    PS: I wish we can post photos here to help other buyers in deciding which one to get

    Evelyn T, Philippines

    Wow, these cases that we received recently were awesome and fit like a charm. In fact, the leather was actually better than I imagined and was very fit to my taste. Approved.

    Young P, Unites States

    I love it so much.. Like really I do!! It’s everything I wanted it to be.. It’s exactly what it said it would be!! I love it!!! It’s awesome!

    Annalise F, Unites States

    The quality and packing of the cover was extremely good. The quality of cover is top notch. Overall 1st experience with KoreaHallyu gas been very pleasing right from booking order, order confirmation and timely shipment.

    Dipesh P, India

    Very happy with my purchase. The quality is good and the case cover is very nice.

    Elisabeth A, Australia

    I always shop here because it arrives fast and good quality but one disappointment is that hello kitty on the phone case wont come off like it shows on the picture. Other than that, this site is awesome and i recommend it thanks!

    Soomin, United States

    It’s so cute! Now, I put my samsung with this cover. I like this and many friends always says that it’s very cute.

    Yunita, Indonesia

    Unique and cute iphone case, with room for my lisence, credit card and health insurance card and even a few dollar bills. The crown stays on well. Easy to take pictures and turn off phone. I get loads of compliments and have to tell my friends where to get it! Well done! Look forward to new designs!

    Alexandra, United States

    I ordered for the first time from Koreahallyu.asia and I am very happy how the product turned out to be. The wallet case looks exactly like in the pictures and is very convenient to use. The case is pretty from the outside but only minus is that the small decoration in the front is very delicate and has already broken up a bit in every day use, so it should be treated very gently! Hahah~ the wallet case is very good quality and doesn’t feel like “a toy” but very long lasting instead. I will definitely order again from Koreahallyu!

    Julia L, Finland

    I absolutely loved my new Galaxy Note 3 case ^^ It came in perfect condition and the shipping was very quick! I also got a Kpop photo too as a gift, it was very sweet. I always get comments about my phone case, especially since there aren’t many Note 3 cases out there that actually look cute or interesting. Definitely will keep ordering

    Melody P, United States

    Melody P, United States
    I ordered this phone about two months ago and can’t say how much I love it! It has such a lovely design. The material is a nice, soft and durable (fake, I believe) leather. Inside you can easily hold up to six (6) cards in the three (3) card slots that are inside. You can also store money in the inside pocket. I also really like how the jelly case part cover much of the phone (unlike other cases that I’ve seen). I always get compliments on my case! I think you should get it.

    Katya, United States

    LOVE IT!!!! This case is so cute.
    I’ve had compliments from several coworkers. They think it’s pretty and unique. 😀

    Ruth, United States

    This website is the bomb!!! I just got my case in the mail today! Although it was a little expensive the quality of the case isn’t bad. Plus, it is super cute!! I think it will protect my phone better than my old case. I can fit 4 cards in there without it being bulky. The shipping took about a month but if you really want the case I think the wait is worth it. I had to wait more than a month for clothes I bought online before purchasing this case. So, 3-4 weeks is definitely worth it!!! Other than that everything is good~:D

    Stephanie, United States

    My cute green bunny wallet case for note 3 just arrived today! Its really cute and I totally love it! Koreahallyu has a lot of cute phone cases with great quality, the only thing I dont like was the waiting period, it took a month for it to get here. Other than that I totally love this website and definitely will continue ordering from here. I am from the United states. Great customer service also, they reply really fast to my emails! 🙂

    Christina, United States

    I got a cute case from http://koreahallyu.asia. It’s a legit site despite the weird url. They have a bunch of flip cases and terrific looking ones for the girly-girls out there. Only downside is that they’re located in South Korea and it took a month for me to get my case with regular Korea Post (they have EMS, too). I got a plain ol’ silicon/jelly case with wings on the back. The wings work as a stand and earphone winder. 🙂
    Had an issue after I received my order and shot them an e-mail. They were really nice about it and wanted to help me in any way they could. I have to say that my experience with them was pretty darn good.

    Lee Ly, United States

    This case is just AWESOME, I LOVE IT SO MUCH. The delivery is so fast and you receive some extra with it such as a cup dust and a screen protector.

    Laila, Belgium

    I bought the cute flower flip case and it was SO adorable! Best 26 bucks I’ve ever spent! And it came with free screen protectors and get this…a Choi Minho pen! It was so perfect cuz Minho is my ultimate bias! :)) you guys are the best!!!

    Kelly B, United States

    I just got the case today and I love it.
    Thank you koreahallyu for the case. Oh yes.. and i got the ear plug too for my phone.
    i really love it. Thank you so much.
    Now i used my new case ^^

    Novella A , Indonesia

    Terrific phone case! Fantastic price! Quick shipping! Will definately purchase again

    Michael D, United States

    Incredibly slim and lightweight design Textured on case adds grip and reduces fingerprint marks Perfect fit on my Note 3. Shipping fast, received item within 2 weeks!

    Raymond W, United States

    I took a chance and ordered a case for my new LG Optimus G Pro phone. (I didn’t like any of the cases AT&T had available). Paid extra for EMS shipping with tracking as it’s always good to know if your package is going to be randomly held up in customs. My order took 4 business days to process (7 days total) and arrived in United States in the midwest 3 days later (quite fast). Upon arrival I was surprised to not only get my case , but also some free screen protectors and a random free item (a hippo led flashlight that could be attached to either keys or a phone). Very pleased with service I received from KoreaHallyu. As a result, I will be using and recommending them in the future as a good vendor to order accessories for phones.

    Charles Lewis, United States

    I just got this case in the mail today and I love it!!!! Everything fits the description and the pictures and its cute. I’m happy I got one from here. Will recommend to friends and will come here to shop for future cases.

    Lucy, United States

    First time buying something online and waited for my order about almost two weeks. Got an email from them and I was abit surprise that they just got my notice at that time |D. After reading through, they said my order will be here in few days and it did :’) Comes with two free screen protectors and a cute pen with my order :’D I guess the waiting is worth it!

    Anita, United Kingdom

    I recently received my phone case in the mail and I got a few other little gifts along with my purchase. It was such a pleasant surprise. I’m super stoked about my new phone case and I really love the service from this website. I will definitely be ordering more things from this website and tell my friends about this site.

    Yoon Ah, United States

    received it today. Quick! Nice case, thank you.

    Gary, United States

    his is my first time to buy something online and bought the Americano Color Premium Jelly Korean Phone Case for my LG Optimus G. Received my package after 20 working days. Great service, also got 2 free screen protectors for my phone.

    Karl, Philippines

    Bought 2 cases , the white and mint and am really happy. They came in cute packaging with screen protectors which was thoughtful . Durable and fit my phone perfectly . With room for my phone charm on the back. I would recommend this to friends.

    Caroline, United Kingdom

    Beautiful case, good quality and sent me also 3 mirror screen protectors.It is great that you can pay through Paypal,makes everything easy and it was a pleasant transaction with a fast delivery.Hope they provide more Girly Korean cases for smartphones.I know Korea has a market full of choices for smartphone cases,Please bring more with reasonable prices.

    Nefeli, USA

    Received my Cute Choo Choo Jetoy Galaxy S3 Diary Case, look amazing and fits perfectly! Korea Hallyu were extremely helpful with any queries or problems I had. Definitely recommend the company.

    Deborah Wilson, New York USA

    Received my Cute Choo Choo Jetoy Galaxy S3 Diary Case, look amazing and fits perfectly! Korea Hallyu were extremely helpful with any queries or problems I had. Definitely recommend the company.

    Deborah Wilson, New York USA

    Received my Cute Choo Choo Jetoy Galaxy S3 Diary Case, look amazing and fits perfectly! Korea Hallyu were extremely helpful with any queries or problems I had. Definitely recommend the company.

    Deborah Wilson, New York USA

    Fantastic product, as I expected. This leather case fits my iPhone 5 perfectly. Thanks for prompt delivery. Highly recommended. Satisfied Customer

    Paul Green, USA

    Very honest and reliable company, very good brands. delivery came through with no delays, thank you will be back!

    Salim, London

    Thanks so much I just received my cover and I just love it!! thanks again..I would use koreahallyu.asia to order anything for my iphone. love it!

    Celine, France

    I would like to say I am very happy with my purchase. The advertising pictures are great! I received what was displayed. Excellent quality. Well worth the wait…

    Yoon Mee, USA

    5 star service, arrived faster than expected. Have not used the leather case much though but so far all good.

    Francesca Torres, Mexico

    I purchased from this site first time. They have the best price I’ve found for these items. Their customer service was a bit slow but on second contact fixed my problem extremely fast via email without any hassle at all!

    Jessica, Canada

    I will definitely be putting koreahallyu shop at the top of my list when looking for phone accessories. Thank you.

    Philip, United Kingdom